About Us

30 years experience in the Building industry in various aspects was the reason why M.A.P. Building Consultant Services was created about 15 years ago.

The constantly changing myriad of “rules and regulations” which govern any building project across Victoria are quite daunting for many who are intending to build, whether it be a home, multi unit development, relocating a home or any other project.

MAP Building Consultant Services was created to assist and to provide a service to make your chosen project easier as we take the pressure off you.

We offer a wide range of services in “getting you started” to whatever your project may be

  • Unit development
  • Relocating a home
  • Retirement Village
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Building or extending a home
  • Building sheds or outbuildings  

Expertise in Development Design & Planning, Rescode, Planning Compliance (State & Local Planning Policies Framework).

Our expertise is in co-ordinating and organising the mind field of red tape required before you even commence to build – whatever you wish to build.

The daunting task of finding out what you can & can’t do now days with constant changes in the regulations can be eased by just one phone call to us.

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